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T-Bone and Cowboy Steak of Irish Angus 

Coming from the green and lush pastures of the “emerald” island, Irish Angus presents a “grass-fed meat”, renowned for its juiciness and tenderness. On the palate it presents a strong taste, inclined towards sweet, extremely soft and with an unmistakable aroma. You will savor it, with a 5-week dry aging process, in the two cuts that best express all its characteristics: T-Bone and Cowboy Steak.

Cowboy Steak of Irish Angus – dry aging 5 weeks
900 gr – 1,2 kg 70€ /kg
(recommended for 2 people)

T-Bone Steak of Irish Angus – dry aging 5 weeks
900 gr – 1,2 kg 70€ /kg
(recommended for 2 people)


Wagyu Slider

Two mini Japanese wagyu burgers with cheddar, yellow cherry tomato cream and stewed onion. €20


Beef balls with pak choi, confit cherry tomatoes, flavored Jerusalem artichoke cream and balsamic vinegar reduction. €15

Marrow Bones

Roasted beef shank marrow with thyme, accompanied by parsley sauce, citrus fruits and black bread croutons. €12

Pata Negra

100% Iberian “Pata Negra” ham from Bellota accompanied by Salva Cremasco with crunchy breading and black fried gnocco. €20

Pork Belly Tacos

Crispy corn tacos with caramelized pork belly and marinated cabbage and tzatziki sauce. €13


Bella Napoli

Raw beef with confit tomatoes, stracciatella and fried basil. €14

Viro Special

Raw beef with capers, chives and Worcester sauce, served with low temperature pasteurized egg yolk, Gorgonzola cream and white chocolate. €15


Raw beef with anchovy, chicory in citronette. €14

Fillet Tartare

Raw beef fillet with fresh yolk, mustard seeds, Tabasco, Worchester sauce, shallots, black pepper with crostini of bread. €22

Tris of Tartare

Tastings of our Tartare:
Viro Special – Bella Napoli – Roman. €16


“La Scottona”

Dry Aging 6 weeks

The term “scottona” indicates the young female of the bovine aged between 18 and 24 months. Scottona meat is one of the most valuable because of its tenderness and marbling.

The flavor is soft, its meat is succulent and tasty and is red in color with a moderate marbling.

“Vecchia Viro”

Dry Aging 8 weeks

Our “premium” selection of old English cow. The cattle are raised in the green and luxuriant territories of the West Midlands and raised on pasture, up to an age of 5-7 years.

The flavor is “beefy”, decisive and intense, it presents itself to the eye of a dark red color with an important marbling.

Cowboy Steaks

The cut in bone known as “costata”, which presents the highest degree of marbling of the loin. The fat of the meat melts during cooking, bringing out the best aromas and flavors. It is the favorite steak of true carnivores!


approximately 1 kg. – 1.6 kg. 60 / kg


approximately 1 kg. – 1.6 kg. 80 / kg


The classic Florentine cut, obtained from the loin and which includes the part of the tenderloin and the sirloin, separated by the T-shaped bone, from which it takes the name of T-Bone in Anglo-Saxon countries. It must be cut very thick so that it can “stand” on its own.

T-BONE Scottona

approximately 1 kg. – 1.6 kg. €60 / kg

T-BONE Vecchia Viro

approximately 1 kg. – 1.6 kg. €80 / kg


Bone-In Strip

This sirloin cut represents the ideal compromise between flavor and tenderness. We offer it in the bone to enjoy it at its best.



approximately 450 g. 28€

Vecchia Viro

approximately 450 g. 35€


“The Bull”

Dry Aging 5 weeks

Coming from Piedmontese farms, the “bull” feeds mainly on cereals and reaches a maximum weight of around 750-800 kg. The rusticity of this bovine turns into a meat with very fine fiber, almost “silky”, with an intense red color and a juicy, tender and lean consistency, ideal for seasoning with oils and Mediterranean herbs.


seasoned with Mediterranean herb oil

approximately 600 gr (recommended for one person) 60€ / kg
approximately 1,2 kg (recommended for two people) 60€ / kg

Add a Marrow Bone to your steak!

Baked beef shank marrow with thyme, which you can enjoy on the side or spread on the steak for an explosive taste experience. €3,5


It comes from a muscle which is almost never exercised by the cattle, hence this cut is incredibly tender. It is a very lean cut, that is why we suggest a rare cooking and to accompany it with one of our home-made sauces.

approximately 220 g   €25

Skirt Steak

The Skirt Steak (better known as Entraña in Argentina) is a cut obtained from the diaphragm of the animal, generally little known, which stands out for the unique flavor of its meat. The ideal cooking is medium-rare.

approximately 300 g     €25

Argentina Ribeye

Directly from the pristine plains of the Argentine Pampa. The “ribeye” cut takes its name from “rib” (rib) and “eye” (eye). In fact, the circular shape of the back muscle resembles an eye surrounded by the spinal muscle and separated by fat infiltrations.

approximately 300 g. €25

Wagyu Ribeye

Wagyu literally means “Japanese cow”, and it is believed by many to be the best meat in the world. From the Japanese Black breed comes a meat incredibly tender with an extreme marbling.

approximately 120 g     €60

New York Strip di Black Angus USA

Controfiletto di Premium Black Angus americano. L’Angus è la razza bovina più allevata al mondo e la carne che ne deriva è una delle più amate, tenerissima e dal sapore intenso.

approximately 300 g.    €34

Fillet of Black Angus Ireland

Grilled beef fillet. Coming from the green and lush pastures of the “Emerald Isle”, the Irish Black Angus has a “grass-fed meat”: low in fat, extremely soft and juicy, with a strong flavour, inclined towards sweetness.

approximately 220 g.    €32


Typical cut of South American tradition, equivalent to a rump cap steak. It has a distinctive thick layer of fat on one side and a strong and unique flavor.

approximately 300 g     €23


Viro Tasting

Recommended for two people

Tasting of our bone cuts: Bon-In Strip “Selezione Scottona” (450 g) and Bon-In Strip “Selezione Vecchia Viro” (450 g).
Served with two side dishes and a sauce of your choice.

approximately 1 Kg. in bone € 62


Deluxe Tasting

Recommended for two people

Our top tasting: Wagyu Ribeye (120 g), Ireland Black Angus Fillet (220 gr), New York Strip Sashi (300 g). Served with two side dishes and a sauce of your choice.

approximately 640 g. € 110


Our burgers are made with Selezione Viro meat with Dry Aging maturation

Pulled Beef Burger

Selected Viro strips of beef, smoked and cooked at low temperature, with coleslaw and barbecue sauce. Served with french fries*. €19

Old School Cheeseburger

Old Viro Selection beef burger with cheddar, bacon, gherkins and homemade ketchup sauce. Served with french fries *. € 19
(*) the asterisk denotes that the product may have originally been frozen.




PUNTARELLE in citronette citronette, flavored with anchovies. €5

COLESLAW USA style coleslaw. €5

FLAN of catalonia and potato puree with almonds. €5.5

BROCCOLO au gratin. €5


Sauce made with onion and tomatoes. € 3

Gorgonzola cheese based sauce. € 3

Parsley based sauce. € 3

Tasting of our sauces: Criolla Sauce – Blue Cheese Sauce – Green Sauce € 5



We conclude on a sweet note with homemade desserts …

Dark chocolate and walnut cake, served with caramel sauce. € 6

Mascarpone foam, with savoiardi dipped in coffee. € 7

Cannolo Verticale
The classic cannoli recipe revisited. With goat’s ricotta, chocolate flakes, toasted pistachio, honey wafer
of chestnut
. € 8

Apple Pie
Soft apple cake with white chocolate ganache. € 7

Hot Zabaglione with Vin Santo with Cantucci
Our cantucci accompanied by Vin Santo zabaglione, fior di latte and cocoa ice cream. € 8

Bull balls
Pistachio semifreddo, wrapped in cocoa, based on currant coulis, dark chocolate creamy and cocoa crumble, garnished with spikes of whipped white chocolate ganache, sandblasted pistachios and currants. € 9


Passito di Pantelleria Zighidi DOP

Made with Zibibbo grape from Pantelleria Island. Wide and intense aroma, full and soft flavour of raisin, candied fruit and dried figs. €4,5

Vin Santo “Santa Cristina” DOC + Tuscan Cantucci

The grapes, dried for months, are softly pressed while the fermentation of the must and the refinement take place in small barrels, for at least two years. €8