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Rib and Fiorentina from Bavarian

The Bavarian Scottona is a typical breed of Bavaria, a region located south of Germany, which due to its geographic and climatic conformation has always been suited to agriculture and animal husbandry

Close to the Alps, in a unique natural setting, where uncontaminated pastures dominate, the cattle lead a life in total well-being.

The perfect breed imprinting and the type of breeding produce an extremely soft, perfectly marbled meat, which gives an intense and elegant flavor to the palate.

You will taste it best in the two cuts in bone, rib and Florentine, with a dry-aged maturation of 6 weeks.

Costata of Bavarian Scottona – Dry aging 6 weeks

approximately 900 gr   € 58

Fiorentina of Bavarian Scottona – Dry aging 6 weeks

approximately 900 gr   € 58


Pork Belly Tacos

Two crispy tacos with caramelised pork belly, marinated red cabbage and tzatziki sauce. €12

Crostino Toscano

Chicken liver mousse, apricot and walnuts chutney, served with toasted bread. €13

Wagyu Slider

Two japanese wagyu sliders with beer and mustard cheddar, onion and yellow tomatoes sauce. €20

Cured meat and cheese platter

Smoked duck breast, Prosciutto Toscano ham, Lardo di Colonnata lard, Pecorino cheese, saffron Cacciotta cheese, Burrata cheese, served with fried pastry. €16

Marrow Bones

Roasted beef shank marrow with thyme, accompanied by croutons of black bread and candied pumpkin. €11

Beef pie with Barolo

Pie with Barolo beef stew in puff pastry on Parmesan fondue. € 13


Orange Moon

Raw beef with citrus fruits, stracciatella cream, fried tapioca and mustard dressing. € 13


Raw beef with dried onion,
caper flower, marinated yolk flakes, tuna sauce,  €13

Viro Special

Raw beef with capers, chives and Worcester sauce, served with low temperature pasteurized egg yolk, Gorgonzola cream and white chocolate. € 15

Fillet Tartare

Raw beef with egg cream, Taggiasca olives, fried caper and chopped pistachios. € 20

Tris of Tartare

Tastings of our Tartare:
Viro Special – Ubriaca – Romana. € 16


Viro Selection


The name of the cut comes from “rib” (rib) and “eye” (eye), in fact the circular shape of the back muscle resembles an eye, surrounded by the spinal muscle and separated by fat infiltrations.


This boneless cut, coming from the loin, is the ideal compromise between flavor and tenderness. Its name derives from the legendary Delmonico restaurant in New York, opened in 1837,
who had this cut of the sirloin among his main dishes.


The legendary Florentine steak is obtained from the loin and includes the fillet and sirloin part, separated by the T-shaped bone. It must be cut very high so that it can “stand up” by itself.
Tradition has it that it is served rare.


A cut in bone that has various muscle bundles separated by intermuscular fat.
The fat in cooking melts, enhancing the flavor of this cut and making it a favorite with carnivores.

Scottona Selection


The term “scottona” indicates the young female of the bovine that has never given birth. Heifer meat is one of the most sought after due to its tenderness and marbling.

Ribeye Scottona

ca 300 g. € 25


New York Strip Scottona

ca 300 g. € 24


Fiorentina Scottona

ca 0,8 kg – 1.4 kg.   € 55 / kg


Costata Scottona

ca 0,8 kg – 1.4 kg.  €60 / kg



Vecchia Viro Selection – Old Cow


This is our old cow premium selection. The cow is an adult female that has had a calf or is over three years of age. We have selected English cows, bred in the West Midlands green territiories, and raised till a age of 5-7 years. The taste is intense, it has a dark red color and an excellent marbling.

New York Strip Vecchia Viro – Old Cow

Sirloin of English cow. ca 300 g.   €34


Fiorentina Vecchia Viro – Old Cow

T-Bone of English cow. ca 1 kg – 1,6 kg.   €75 / kg


Old Viro Costata

Costata of English cow. ca 1 kg – 1,6 kg. €80/kg


Add a Marrow Bone to your steak.

Baked beef shank marrow with thyme, which you can enjoy on the side or spread on top of steak for an explosive taste experience.  €3,5



It comes from a muscle which is almost never exercised by the cattle, hence this cut is incredibly tender. It is a very lean cut, that is why we suggest a rare cooking and to accompany it with one of our home-made sauces.
ca 220 g   €25

Gorgonzola Filet

Grilled beef tenderloin with Gorgonzola cheese sauce, onion jam and including a side of thyme potato spheres.
ca 220 g   €30


Typical cut of South American tradition, equivalent to a rump cap steak. It has a distinctive thick layer of fat on one side and a strong and unique flavor.
ca 300 g     €23


A typical cut in Argentina, equivalent to a Skirt Steak, it is a thin, long cut of beef from the diaphragm muscles of the cow. It has an intense beefy flavor, and it should be cooked medium-rare for the most tender texture.

Served with green sauce, spicy sauce, marinated red cabbage, “friggitelli” peppers and fried pastry.
ca 400 g     €29

Black Angus USA New York Strip

American Premium Black Angus. Angus is the most popular beef breed in the world and the meat is of the finest, very tender and flavored.
ca 300 g     €34

Wagyu Ribeye

Wagyu literally means “Japanese cow”, and it is believed by many to be the best meat in the world. From the Japanese Black breed comes a meat incredibly tender with an extreme marbling.
ca 120 g     €60

Tomahawk “Dry-Aged”

The shape of this cut of the rib, with the rib bone attached, recalls the American Indian war ax, from which it takes its name. A true carnivore should eventually “clean” the bone in bites!

ca 1 kg. – 1.6 kg. € 70 / kg



Viro Selection Tasting

This platter includes our choice of 3 cuts from our specialties: Ribeye “Heifer Selection” (250 g), New York Strip “Heifer Selection” (250 g), and Picanha (250 g).

Served with your choice of two sides and one sauce.
Recommended for 2 people.
ca 750 g     €56

New York Tasting

Sirloins tasting plate: New York Strip “Heifer Selection” (250 g), New York Strip Black Angus USA (300 g), New York Strip “Old Cow Selection” (150 g).

Served with your choice of two sides and one sauce.
Recommended for 2 people.
ca 700 g     €68

Deluxe Tasting

Ribeye tasting plate, simply the best: Ribeye “Heifer Selection” (250 g), Ribeye “Old Cow Selection” (300 g), Wagyu Ribeye (120 g).

Served with your choice of two sides and one sauce.
Recommended for 2 people.
ca 670 g     €100



Our burgers are made with Selezione Viro meat with Dry Aging maturation

Baltimora Burger

Beef burger from Scottona Selection with stewed onion and Tiger sauce, made with mustard, mayonnaise and horseradish.
Served with french fries *. € 16

Old School Cheeseburger

Old Viro Selection beef burger with cheddar, bacon, gherkins and homemade ketchup sauce. Served with french fries *. € 19
(*) the asterisk denotes that the product may have originally been frozen.



Fried potatoes (*) rustic “dipper” cut. € 5.5

Baked potatoes with rosemary. € 5.5

Mixed seasonal vegetables in the oven. € 5.5

Fennel and citrus salad with lime citronette. € 5.5

Sweet and sour peppers with pine nuts, raisins and basil. € 5.5


Green sauce based on parsley. € 3

Gorgonzola cheese based sauce. € 3

Hot sauce with onion, peppers and fresh chilli. € 3

Barbecue Sauce with Kentucky Bourbon. € 3

Tasting of our sauces: Green sauce – Blue Cheese – Spicy – Bourbon BBQ. € 5



We conclude on a sweet note with homemade desserts …

Dark chocolate and walnut cake, served with caramel sauce. € 5,5

Panna Cotta
Panna cotta with peaches, with thyme crumble. € 5,5

Mascarpone cream, with coffee biscuit cream and chocolate crumble. € 7

El Mojito
Soft and fresh spoon semifreddo, made with lime and mint, served with cream and rum cream. € 6

Passion Cheesecake
Delicate cheesecake with cheese, accompanied by maracuja coulis. € 7

Bull balls
Pistachio semifreddo, wrapped in cocoa, based on currant coulis, dark chocolate creamy and cocoa crumble, garnished with spikes of whipped white chocolate ganache, sandblasted pistachios and currants. € 9


Passito di Pantelleria Zighidi DOP

Made with Zibibbo grape from Pantelleria Island. Wide and intense aroma, full and soft flavour of raisin, candied fruit and dried figs. €4,5

Vin Santo “Castello di Brolio” DOC + Tuscan Cantucci

Made with Malvasia 90%, Trebbiano 5%, Sangiovese 5% grapes, aged seven years in oak barrels. Served with Tuscan Cantucci biscuits. €7,5



Absolut / Skyy   €4,5
Grey Goose / Belvedere   €6,5


Gordon’s / Bombay / Tanqueray   €4,5
Gin Mare / Hendrick’s   €6,5
Monkey 47   €8
+ Tonic   €3


Havana Club 7 Años / Diplomatico Riserva   €5
Zacapa 23   €7,5


Jack Daniel’s / Jameson   €4,5
Oban 14yrs/ Laphroaig 10yrs/ Lagavulin 16yrs/ Wild Turkey 81proof   €7
Nikka   €8,5

Brandy & Cognac

Martell VS / Courvoisier   €4,5
Remy Martin VSOP   €6,5


Poli Dry (dry) / Poli Smooth (smooth) / Grappa di Amarone   €4
Riserva Sibona (barrique) / Dic’otto Lune (barrique)    €4,5


Montenegro / Jagermeister / Del Capo / Fernet Branca / Branca Menta / Ramazzotti / Averna / Cynar / Lucano / Braulio   €3,5


Mirto Rosso / Animanera / Limoncello / Baileys / Disaronno   €4



Natural water 75 cl  €2,5

Sparkling water 75 cl   €2,5

Bottled drinks (non-alcoholic) 33 cl  €3

Cover charged per person   €2,5